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Norway women's national bandy team represents Norway in all international play and the team has participated in all World Championships for women since the inaugural tournament in 2004.As of 2018, the team has won five bronze medals. Norway was the host for the 2010 Women's Bandy World Championship, which was played in Drammen.. External links THE SEASON IS NOT PLAYING DONE Bandy season for the elite teams on women's and men's side is not finished. For the men, the half-played series is based on results in the series game, and Ullevål is thus number eight. bandy

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OFFICIAL REPORT. It took 64 years from being a demo sport in Oslo 1952 to become a part of the Youth Olympic Games in 2016. At the FIB Congress in Almaty 2012, The Norwegian Bandy Federation (NBF) got the mandate to lead the process to make bandy a part of the program in the Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer 2016. Bandy. Bandy was originally governed through a committee in the Football Association of Norway.

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Norges Bandyforbundet fyller 100 år 17 13 (13), WFC 2010, salibandyfiwfc2010, 18737, -35, (18772) 91 (91),,, 3652, +2, (3650), Kalla: Wikipedia. Sidor: 47.

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Bandy. Bandy was originally governed through a committee in the Football Association of Norway. The national bandy association was founded on 17 October 1920 as Norges Ishockeyforbund, but the sport played was bandy, not what now is known as ice hockey. USA bandy icon and hall of famer Chris Middlebrook has written a book titled «The Bandy Chronicles – My Pursuit of a Forgotten Sport». The Bandy Chronicles consists of 119 short stories/vignettes about US Bandy and Chris’ bandy experiences from December 1980 to the present. The Bandy Chronicles will be published the winter of 2019-20. • Spartakiade: Bandy was part of the first Spartakiade, which took place in Oslo 1928.

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Nå … Bandy, also known as Russian ice hockey, is a team winter sport played on ice, in which skaters use sticks to direct a ball into the opposing team's goal.. The rules of the game have many similarities to those of association football: the game is played on a rectangle of ice the same size as a football field.Each team has 11 players, one of whom is a goalkeeper.

The name was from 1957 “The International Bandy Federation.” At the Congress in Budapest/Hungary in 2001 the name was changed to “Federation of International Bandy” according to a request from IOC the same year, with reference to our approval as “recognized sport”. The acronym IBF was occupied. History. Norwegian bandy was originally organised by the Football Association of Norway, but an independent federation for the 'winter football' was established in 1920.In the first years, this was called Norges Ishockeyforbund, because bandy was called ishockey (ice hockey) back then, since it is a form of hockey played on ice, but when the Canadian sport of ice hockey came to Norway, the Brødreduo fra Høvik bandy til verdenscupen i kombinert I tiden fremover skal vi presentere en miniserie med idrettsutøvere som tidligere har spilt bandy og som nå hevder seg internasjonalt i en annen idrett.
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