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They are highly prized for their renowned sweetness. 26 Dec 2019 An iconic fruit, Japan's square watermelons are grown in glass boxes to Another Hokkaido specialty, Yubari King melons are the most  5 Jul 2018 1. Sekai-Ichi Apple · 2. Dekopon · 3. Densuke Watermelon · 4. Yubari King Melon · 5.

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Melon. Various types of melon are grown in Japan. The king is Yubari melon, a brand from Hokkaido with incredibly sweet and  28 Feb 2020 Yubari (a small town in Hokkaido) melon is also called Yubari King because of its special flavor. The unique features of Yubari melon are  29 May 2018 At a Japanese auction in 2008, two Yubari King melons sold together for nearly Rs 15 lakh.

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In 2017, the Independent reported a perfect pair of melons had just sold for $30,300, and if you think that's insane, buckle up. For this cocktail, bartender Jason Patz shakes cubes of cantaloupe with Japanese whisky from Hokkaido, also the birthplace of Yubari King melons. Get the recipe at Food & Wine.

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They come from a town called Yubari (thus the name) in Hokkaido, Japan. The melons are grown in greenhouses and given “hats” to prevent sunburn. Melon King Yubari - en hybrid av två cantaloupes, kallas de annars musklemeloner: Engelska Earls Favorit; American Spicy. Från varje av dem tog hybridväxten upp i 1961 bäst. Mängden meloner är liten - från 600 g till 1,5 kg. Detta är en kraftfull växt, vars stjälkar och löv inte skiljer sig från utseendet från resten av cantaloupes. RARE Yubari King Melon 10 Seeds -$12,000 per Fruit Give the gift of Amazon for any occasion.

Melon - Yubari Agricultural Cooperative Production Centre. The Yubari King is revered across Japan and is famed for its sweet, melt in your mouth texture that leaves everybody who tries it coming back for more. It is so popular that in 2008, a pair of Yubari melons sold for 2.5 million yen. Yubari are very expensive Japanese melons. They are used for summer gift giving, and usually come in or with a wood box for gift packaging.
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Previously, Yubari melons have been bought for no more than £19,000. Se hela listan på The Yubari King Melon (夕張メロン, Yūbari Meron, Yūbari melon) is a cantaloupe cultivar .

Get the recipe at Food & Wine.
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aux enchères et entrent dans une toute autre catégorie In fact, these perfect Japanese fruits are auctioned. Last year (2019), Sapporo's Yubari King melons were auctioned off at 5 million yen! And that's close to about   26 May 2019 YUBARI, HOKKAIDO (THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Two Yubari melon fetched a record-high price of 5 million yen  Yubari king Melon from Japan is the most expensive fruit in the world which cost $30000 (a single pair).It is mostly prized for its extra sweetness which is  YUBARI KING MELON - 3MG 60ML (เมล่อนญี่ปุ่น) [10.5$]. Category ALL, E-LIQUID ( ទឹកថ្នាំ ) From Samwila Store ' EZ. Wishlist: (0). YUBARI KING  11 Apr 2012 How Much: The choicest melon pairs have been auctioned in Japan for as much as $26,000, but a standard Yubari melon costs between $50 and  7 Sep 2019 The Yubari King melon is a cantaloupe hybrid, combining the sweetness of Earl's Favorite, and the spiciness of the Burpee. The hybrids are  4 Jun 2018 A pair of Yubari King Melons sold for $29300 at an auction in Japan recently. Here's a taste of some other expensive fruits.